Foodie Fest was Amazing!

Yesterday was just down right amazing! I am so, so happy. I feel like every time I post about a show, I'm always saying how frickin happy I am. The truth is I really am THAT happy! I am doing what I love!

Photo taken by: Spencer Motamedy 

I am surrounded by so many supportive people. Thank you to everyone who came out to my set. It was such a great turn out. I'm legit smiling as I'm typing. Another BIG thanks to those who wished me well that couldn't make it. Your support fills my heart with so much love.

Photo of: Jeremy, Noah, my brother, and Tony.  

Special shout out to KC Cannon for making this performance possible. She watched one of my live shows and gave me the hook ups to play this awesome festival. I am forever in her debt. 

Finally, a big thanks to my mom as well. It was her first time being able to see me perform. I knew I made her proud. I love you so so much, Momma Jams.

Photo of: My sister, Mom, and brother! 

This was just so great and I can't wait to see what's coming next! Thanks for reading. :)