WARNING: The following blog post is going to be the craziest (definitely most inappropriate) thing I've posted so far. I am not even gonna apologize, because this was absolutely insane. 

I am a huge fan of a rapper named Lil Dicky. Obviously from here on out you know this post is not gonna be PG what so ever. 

I've seen all his live stuff! He is absolutely amazing. One of the coolest things he does when he performs is he brings a girl up on stage and has her participate in a funny little uhhh, bit. Basically he gives the girl a lap dance. It's literally all fun in games. I swear. Well, when the Life is Beautiful (LIB) line up came out for Vegas I got super excited. Lil Dicky was gonna be in Las Vegas! I just HAD to be there. But it wasn't enough to just go. I wanted to be the girl he brought up to dance on.

I went through a series of trials and tribulations to even get a wristband to go. I almost wasn't able to go, but luckily, it all worked out. Prior to LIB I made a video to Lil Dicky asking him to bring me up on stage. I talked about this dumb video for 3 months. People laughed about it and it was funny, but it was real to me. You have no idea how badly I wanted this thing to happen. I finally posted the video and I spent about three days tweeting it to him hoping he'd see it. 


Fast forward to the actual event I stayed at the stage he was preforming at from 3PM to 8:40PM (when he performed). Front row, hand on the rails my dudes. I saw a lot of cool bands, but honestly I was almost dead before Lil Dicky came out. 

When he finally appeared on stage I lost my shit. I went hard to ever single song. Lil Dicky and I made tons of eye contact during some songs. When it came time for him to pick the girl to come on stage I threw my hat at him. Sure enough he asked for the girl in the jersey to come up, me. I WAS THE GIRL IN THE JERSEY. 

I ran up there and I hugged him. The happiness I was irradiating was unbelievable. I had visioned that moment in my head for so long. It actually happened. LIKE WOW. 

No more further explanations though. Here is the video of Lil Dicky letting me freak with him:

After the performance I went backstage and we took some super, uber cute pictures.

Dave Burd aka Lil Dicky is such a nice, wonderful human being. The coolest part about this was he didn't see the video before bringing me up on stage. When I told him about it back stage he had absolutely no idea. We connected with our eyeballs and he just knew I was gonna be the one. 

This entire day I've been finding myself smiling so big and just laughing to myself. My brain still cannot wrap around what happened last night. I love Dave so much and to share the stage with him was so incredible. I'm sucha weirdo, but he got it. We got it. We did it.