When Sabrina Spurlock makes you look DOPE AF.

I am totally stoked about these shots Sabrina Spurlock took of me. She's absolutely, incredible, without a doubt...TALENTED. I have never been so confident to share pictures of myself before. Cause shieeet maaaan I look good. 

Sabrina is a Portland based photographer and designer currently attending Pacific University. She offered to take some portraits of me during the sunset, for practice! Honestly, she shoots like a straight PRO. 

You can find her work on her website: http://www.sabrinaspurlock.com/


All teeth here: 

This one makes me feel like a complete bad ass. 

SERIOUSLY DO YOU SEE HOW COOL I LOOK. I am just so frickin happy with how these all came out! She is the absolute best. Below is an example of some of here work from her website. Seriously check her out and hit her up for collabs. 

Go bug her: http://www.sabrinaspurlock.com/